Whoever said that it was difficult to enjoy a flexible home loan repayment plan clearly hasn’t worked with us before. We are Micro Bank and over the course of the last twenty years, we’ve been offering different types of home loans to our clients throughout Australia. We compare, negotiate, refine and present our clients with the best interest rates out there, so that you can sit back and relax while your ideal home loan comes to you.

What makes us unique?

We like to call ourselves Micro Bank because first of all, we are a small team of financial experts that prioritise the needs of our clients on an individual basis – and secondly, because we work alongside banks to source the best deals on loans for our clients. Home loan approval really doesn’t have to be a challenge, in fact we proudly boast a 90% success rate (the other 10% were simply down to factors beyond our control).

That’s 9 out of 10 clients being satisfied with our services, and 9 out of 10 walking away with affordable, flexible home loans that have left many of them speechless. We’re able to approach banks in the candid way that we do, because we are a respected team of experts. Our relationships with lenders go much further than your typical application process – we’ve worked with many of them for well over a decade.

This close link has allowed us to approach them with a candidacy – the likes of which those applying individually simply couldn’t hope to enjoy. If they present us with interest rates that we deem too high, then we’re about to negotiate them down until a more satisfactory amount is obtained. We compare their loans on an individual basis and we’ll never be made to feel biased toward one particular lender.

What this means is that we can provide a fair, logical service that puts the needs of our clients first, without having to expose you to unfair rates simply to enjoy our commission.

Contacting our team

If you’re still not impressed by the level of expertise that we are offering to bring to the table, then why not get in touch with us to enjoy a free, no obligation consultation? We’ll go into a little more detail about why we can be so beneficial to your application and if you wish to go ahead, we’ll then set about approaching the most reputable lenders for information on their latest rates and deals.